2 thoughts on “A view of firemen on a fire engine possibly a Ford

  1. I have a BAICO converted truck and came upon this site whilst looking for information about it. No this is not a Ford T based truck. You have noted the long bonnet and also the large front wheels and hubs. The engine sump and gearbox appear to be cast in one piece. On the Ford the planetry gearbox is quite compact and barely visible also there is what appears to be a steering arm projeccting from the left (visible side) of the chassis. On the ford the steering arm would have been on the right (on a rhd) and again tucked away out of sight by the sump.


  2. This vehicle doe not appear to be based on a model T. The radiator shell has too much depth & height and the bonnet or hood is too long. It probably is a 6cyl engine in there or a large four. The front wheels & hubs are too heavy for a model T as well. The model t truck had the same front wheels as the car. The front mudguards are also different too. At the rear, note that the final drive is by a chain. It could be the Baico or Smith form a truck attachment which had chassis that overlapped a standard T car chassis. The general look doesn”t look like the form a truck set up. Well there”s something to stir up some discussion.


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