3 thoughts on “A warehouse on Moat Street, Stockton c1967

  1. My nana (Agnes Hall) lived in 29 Moat Street late 50s/early 60s I think. She saved a baby in a house fire at a neighbours by using a sweeping brush to hook under the handle of the pram and pulling the pram out. My mam and dad lived with her when they first got married…


  2. The picture is certainly post 1966 as what would have been in it up to that time is missing. A row of terraced houses belonging to British Rail stood there until compulsory purchase in that year and subsequent demolition. Me and my family lived here, from 1960 to 1966, in the house that was nearest to the telegraph pole seen in the picture (No. 26). The block contained about 13 or 14 houses backing on to the buildings in the photo thus forming an L-shaped back alley. They were all inhabited by railway employees and their families. The railway sidings did indeed lead to St. Johns Crossing to the left and onto Stockton quayside to the right. There was a path, which we kids called ‘the black path’ running alongside the fence.


  3. These buildings were, I believe, originally built as the railway company stables to service the large goods station (demolished in the early 1980s) that stood on the other side of Bridge Road.


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