4 thoughts on “The old Post Office, Dovecote Street. 1944

  1. These doors are still on the building today 2013 when the company I worked for moved in they were catching the floor, the joiners who came to fix them pointed out then huge grooves cut into the concrete made by the original door when it must have sagged and dropped this must have been huge and they must have replaced it with the double wooden doors in the picture it can still be seen today if you go into the cafe which is what the building is used for today the original door must have been 6 to 7 ft wide.


  2. when I left school I got a job for the holiday period in August at this post office as a telegram boy its like Gordon said as to the procedure, we were given a cycle to deliver the telegram and I thought we had to get to to the person very quick. I set off to deliver at an address in Norton when I returned I got told off for rushing there and back. the best part for me was when I had to go to the stockton racecourse to deliver on the race days .we always managed to get a tip of threepence or more sometimes and looked forward to going there .I only worked there temporary until the end of the holidays and never made it to a postmans job


  3. This building, to those who dont know, is now the international family centre catering for the ethnic community.  The building next door, to the right of the photo, was a scout association building in the early 80s, it is now a licensed premises caller Angels(topless bar!)


  4. I was a Telegram boy 1940-1942 The upstairs window at the left of the post Office, was where the telegram boys would wait. The windows to the right, was where the Teleprinters were. When the messages started coming through, the operators would stack them into areas, ( Norton, Thornaby, Stockton, etc.) then when there was enough telegrams for a certain area, they would be placed in a window which was on a swivel,pushed over to the lads room, the number of the boy next out, would be called, and out you would go.


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