The duck pond at Norton.

An old postcard showing Norton Green in a view from the west with an electric tram in the background. Trams were introduced into the area in 1897. The recent photograph of Norton shows the change in transport, but the scene still remains tranquil.

2 thoughts on “The duck pond at Norton.

  1. My father lived on the green before moving to newly built Roseworth. He would be shocked like I am to see the one way race track that surrounds the duck pond. I remember sitting on the iron seat around the tree and swimming in the pond. Sitting on the Fountain in the middle of the stepped fountain. The new fountain they have stuck on the end of a pipe reminds me of a rose on a watering can with a light on it.


  2. The old picture of Norton Green brought back a memory of seeing animals on the green. The farm next to St Mary’s Church would let the cows out I believe once a year to let them graze on the green. It was to keep the rights of it being common land as far as I know. There was hardly any traffic back then and the animals did not appear to stray. My Father Philip Mee often walked our ducks and geese across to the pond pre-war and during. ‘Come on’ he would say and they would waddle behind him quacking away from Mill Lane across the green to the pond and in they went. He would either stand talking to the Blacksmith or sit on the iron ring seat that was fastened around the old Elm tree, this was before the pond was cleared and the cement bottom put down and long before any fountain. He told me the pond had once been the source of water for the villagers until the well and pump were put in next to the pond, there was also a well and pump in the yard at Mill Lane and I do remember that still working when I was younger. I have seen an old picture where there was not a tree in sight, most of those trees I am sure were put in after 1870’s. We would, after a while, say ‘come on then’ and the ducks and geese came flapping from the pond and back home, Fathers explanation was ducks needed water or their eggs would not be pure, as I did not like duck eggs it meant nothing to me at the time. I have no memory of the Trams only the ‘0’ bus to North Ormesby where my Grand Parents lived. How Norton has changed in my life time from the quiet village where we played cricket on the green and now if you hit a six you would break the windows on a dozen parked cars.


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