6 thoughts on “ShoeFayre shop, Stockton High Street. 1984

  1. Dave and Gordon – There are 3 single storey buildings on the High Street – Wolsey”s the fruiters next to trustee Savings Bank, Althams and The Shambles. Derek.


  2. Gordon Crawford sorry mate but your wrong there are two single story buildings that were retail premises on the High Street and this was only one of them …..now you have to think. Many a beer has been won with this one by the way.


  3. Re the alcoves A large urn or stylised flower pot was in place until the late 1900s when a policeman sheltering in the door-way from a torrential downpour and high wind was struck by one of the urns, not badly injured but the remaining urn was removed .


  4. The facade depicts two ships of Stockton”s earliest shipbuilding era.  In 1189 Bishop Pudsey of Durham had this type of ship, a “Cog”, built in Stockton to follow Richard the Lionheart on his Crusade. The vessels depicted still show the Viking-Influence of a Dragon-Head bow and high stern.   Below the ships are two cross-tailed dolphins (stylised) – the medieval map-makers warning of danger of the unknown be it shoals or undiscovered land. Never the less these ships sail on, for “Commerce follows the Flag” was a Victorian patriotic slogan


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