191 thoughts on “The Robson Maternity Home, Bowesfield Lane

  1. Both my wife and I were born in the Robson Maternity Home me in 56 and her in 60. Our Birth Certs say we were born in the County of Durham.


    • George Morris was born in Robson Maternity Home in 1938. So the Home been going for a long time! He originally came from Haverton Hill. And his Father also George Morris worked for ICI for many years.


  2. Hi I’m back in my home town again after joining the Royal Navy in 76 . I was born there 1st December 1959 then lived in lawson st till moved to woolfe Rd norton then Wensley Rd Grange field. Still living down south but return as much as can to tend parents grave.


  3. I was born there in 1950. I have been told that I was large (10lb) and battered and bruised. The nurses wanted my parents to name me after Bruce ?, a well known boxer of the day.


    • Hi Paul

      The boxer you mentioned was Bruce Woodcock, he won the European Heavyweight Championship in 1946, I was born that year hence the name.

      He fought for the World Championship in 1950.



  4. I was born at the Robson Maternity on 21/7/47. I emigrate to Australia in 1969 with my husband leaving my family in Stockton.


  5. I was born there on the 23rd December 1952. I remember my mother telling me this. We lived in 23 Guisborough Road Thornaby-On-Tees until my family emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1963 on the 10 pound scheme. Sadly my mother passed away 2 years ago at age 93


  6. I was born here July 6th 1935 and remember my mother telling me the story of when my younger brother was born at the Robson Maternity Home in 1940 during an air raid attack, when Mrs Harold McMillan carried my brother down to the air raid shelter. I believe the building is now a Hotel called the Stork Inn.


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