The Market Cross on Stockton High Street. c1960

The National Provincial Bank, Nos.123 and 124, High Street, Stockton (1924-68), included in a view of the Market Cross(erected 1768). The bank was the National Provincial Bank of England (1876-1917), the National Provincial and Union Bank of England (1917-24) and is now the National Westminster Bank Ltd. (1968-present day) The New Waverley Cafe, No122, High Street, Stockton (1958-1968. Haywoods shop, No.121, High Street, Stockton (1957-1961.

5 thoughts on “The Market Cross on Stockton High Street. c1960

  1. On the subject of public toilets in Stockton High Street, namely the ones in the old Shambles, they must be some of the cleanest and well kept public toilets in the country. These men seem to take a great pride in their job, and good on them for keeping such a pristine environment in a very difficult job.


  2. The toilets only disappeared a few years ago Alan, they were replaced by new ones in the Shambles, which are far nicer I must say, and have an attendant. The old ones were often in a disgusting state, at least it is one change for the better!


  3. I remember them very well, they used to be very busy on a Saturday with all the Market
    Stalls surrounding them. I dont know when they disappeared having not been back to Stockton in a few years.


  4. How many remember the below ground public public toilets adjacent to the market cross. What appears to be a small female seems to be about to decend the steps. When did they disappear?


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