2 thoughts on “The Dovecot Arts Centre, Dovecot Street, Stockton

  1. Aah the early 1970s in the Dovecot, what memories, Saturday afternoon discos, the fabulous food in the bar upstairs (I still dream of their plowmans)the wonderful technical guy Bill Crudgington who a really nice friendly guy and a friend to all. Toni the barman who became a famous Hairdresser. The in-crowd of Diane, Sue, Ian, Tony, Dean and countless other wonderful people. The Luvvies and Thespians who entertained us with their antics both on and off stage, there was so much emotion and ego among the amdram crowd it was often a hotbed of hysterical outbursts. I raise a glass to them all.


  2. The Dovecot Arts Centre has been demolished as has the Classic Cinema, the tall building on the right, and the land thus cleared was used to build the ARC arts centre.


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