2 thoughts on “Stockton High Street 1953

  1. I enjoyed looking at this photo – it brought a lot of memories back. I used to be employed at Marks & Spencer’s, as a supervisor, at the other end of the High Street, on the right of this picture. The market on a Wed/Sat was a busy time for us at work. Our manager was a huge built person and frightening at times, I cannot remember his name at the moment, think it was a Mr Humphries. The manageress was a Miss Stubbs. We had ‘counters’ where we always had to serve from and scrub around the wooden floors, on the outside of these for about 1 foot away from the displays, I suppose for hygiene reasons athough I never really knew why his rule applied. At the time ‘nylon’ stockings, with lines up the centre back and fancy shaped heels were the fashion, when stock arrived (to be sold to the public) we had the chance of buying these but we had to go into work early, before the store opened, to purchase them, with a slight discount. They seemed hard times then but, when looking back now, they were really good and happy times. I wonder if anybody out there was employed there in the 1950’s


  2. The High Street was our sunday walk after the movies, in the 50s we would go from one end to the other and back then get the bus home.


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