3 thoughts on “After the fire, the scene at the Queens Hotel

  1. My Dad was staying in this Hotel when it caught fire he was lucky to escape the first we saw was when we saw him on the news in a police station.


  2. My family lived at no 71 Bishopton Lane and my parents-in-law at no 73 – both virtually opposite the Queens Hotel. We were very sad when it burned down and took photos (now lost) as we used to go across the road for a drink in the Queens quite often at around 10 o”clock. A friend of ours lived on the same side as the Queens at no 74, she has just moved from the area but blamed the fire for ruining her late husband”s health. Their house was in a terrible state for months after the fire.


    • Mr and Mrs Browm, lovely old couple who lived at no. 74. I was 15 year old on the night of the fire, we lived at no. 76, 2 door away. My mam and step dad, Vera and Ronald (Greg) Allinson where very frequent users of the Queens! On the night of the fire we were evacuated to the Alma Centre overnight, then had to move in with relatives for weeks until they made the exterior of the hotel stable.


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