St Cuthberts Church

This is a picture of St Cuthberts church, Billingham. It is taken from the road that ran along side the Green where the old church school was. Nearby was a row of houses which had a pub I think it was the Black Horse but there was definitely a sweet shop on the end of the row (This information was kindly provided by Maureen McPherson nee Mitchell)
This looks like St. Cuthberts Church and Billingham Green. (This information was kindly provided by Julian Herbert)
St Cuthberts church, Billingham green, the house is `Tower House` built on land owened by the church the man that built it was only allowed to build a one room sized dwelling, so he built upwards, ground floor `kitchen`, first floor `lounge`,second and third floors `bedrooms`, all joined by a steep staircase.The small yard to the left of the Tower House contained the outside toilet and coalhouse. (This information was kindly provided by P. Barron)

13 thoughts on “St Cuthberts Church

  1. The Christmas Tree on Billingham Green, wasn”t that a fabulous sight..all those huge big bright bulbs..and all the way to the top… Going into the Flats on the green and singing carols with my brothers…being invited into the Black Horse snug to sing a few…oh the pennies we got in there..the best we”d ever done..such great memories. This is a wonderful site. A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.


  2. Hi Liz, are you any relation to Dennis Christison who I went to the Church School with from 1929 to 1933. The Cobbler was Mr Archer who lived near us in Cumberland Cres. Our Headmaster at that time was Mr Ayers and the teachers,Mr Smith, Polly Stafford and Billy Dixon


  3. Hi All There was a sweetie shop, run by two sister, called Warner, or something very similar. They sold sports mixture 4 for a only penny and there was a cobblers on the same row which ended at the opening to the Teapot Lid and swings, not to mention the abattoir. Okay here is another ditty for you all – does anyone remember singing around the Christmas Tree on the green while the lights were being lit for the festive season? So much fun, so many memories, better stop now, before I bore the pants off everyone!!!!!! Liz


  4. There is a lot more information about Tower House and the adjacent shop in my book “Billingham in Bygone Village Days”. The book was published 20yrs ago and is now out of print but it should still be in the libraries.


  5. The Terrace of buildings backing up the road to the church, I can remember those shops and house”s before the war, I always knew the grocer shop as Walter Wilsons. The cleveland cake shop was where we went to spend our half-pennies and pennies. Two ladies had it then, to be honest in the 30″ spennies for sweets were hard to come by, for kids money was of a rare variety. Next to the Black Horse pub was an alley way through to South View and there you found Nash”s fishshop.  Us oldies recall what a fish and a pennyworth was, threepence,and you could have plenty of scraps. Can anyone remember the corner shop? An old lady there had a little hardware shop, my Mother always bought a sanding stone there to do the front door step,candles, paraffin etc.


  6. The sweet shop on the Green was a regular stopping off point for me to collect my packet of Spangles for I think 3d (3 old pennies if you were a child of the decimal age) on the way to the kids Saturday Matinee at the Billingham Picture House in the 1950″s.


  7. The sweet shop was called The Cleveland Cake Shop and I spent much of my pocket money there. In the late 50″s, when my Dad was on a night shift, my Mum would sometimes give me 2 shillings (10p) and send me off to the shop for a selection of chocolate bars for us to enjoy while he was at work. For that money, I used to come home with at least 6 bars such as Mars, Kit Kat, Fry”s Cream , Crunchie and so on. Those were the days!


  8. Do you remember World war 2? Do you remember being in church when a barrage balloon got tangled around the spire? If so the BBC would love to hear from you. Please call (08705) 12 22 30 and leave you name and contact number. Thank you. Expires 14/4/2005. Please also leave a comment/story on this webpage as we”ll be forwarding replies to the BBC.


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