8 thoughts on “Dickens the timber people. c1973

  1. I worked at Dickens Portrack Lane location in the 1970’s. Good memories of that place and those times. I remember that the three Dickens brothers were fine people.


  2. Hi my name is Graham Spence I worked in the joiners shop at Dickens, Portrack with Alan Wells, Harold Wilson, Brian kish and many more in the 70s. Does anybody know about the pension scheme?


    • Hi Graham, it’s John Aithwaite served my time with you at Dickens in the early 70’s, on Friday nights had pint or three in the Flying Dutchman with you and your brother Barry. Only pension scheme I remember started when you turned 21.


  3. Hi I worked at Dickens from approx. 1980-1987 at Portrack Lane with Mrs. Mary Usherwood on the “knobs and knockers” door furniture section. It was a wonderful company to work for I was there when Noel Edmonds arrived in his hellicopter to officialy open the store and remember South Side on the Asda side of Portrack Lane and the boys from No. 1 Warehouse as we knew it who used to wind me up when I went over for stock.


    • I was at Dickens hardware department 1976 to 1987 with Debbi Wilson the late Pat Wilson, Doreen Foster, George Patterson the boss Lynn Patterson the Laing girls, Kym Mckay and a lot more friendly staff in the good days. Teresa (Curry) then now Teresa Turnbull.


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