Brunswick Street

A selection of different pillared doorways, shown in a view of Brunswick Street, looking north east showing the terraced houses. The houses were built c1820 and demolished 1963.BA Ford Prefect car and an unidentified motorcycle are parked outside a house. 1959.

11 thoughts on “Brunswick Street

  1. I am researching my family history and in 1881 my Great-Great grandmother, Georgina Adams, lived at 76 Brunswick Street, Stockton with her seven children. Her husband, Charles John Adams, died in 1879 of Diabetes Mellitus. Georgina’s Father, John Settle, lived at 73 Brunswick Street.


  2. To Ella Doyle My grandparents Pat and Maggie lived in at 14 Brunswick St.Their sons were Pat John Mark George Tommy and Jimmy. Tommy married Lee Evans who”s family also lived in Brunswick St Mark now lives in Norton and Tommy is in Appleby


  3. I lived in 52 brunswick street my name was Ella Thomas and I am now 77 years old. My neighbours were Mrs Hardy and a lot of names on here ring a bell. My first boyfriend was called Ken Hughes who lived at the top end. Also the Downeys the Owens the Turnbulls and Levi Kemp


  4. to leslie brown, i lived in brunswick street in 1952 the lavericks lived opposite to us i was only five and went to mill lane infants,my mate jimmy gibson and i played a trick on the lavericks with fake pooh to get their douglas into trouble that was some prank .the hortons lived opposite us to there was benny who was in the royal navy and served on the ark royal.and john who was in the merchant navy ,had a lot of good times in brunswick street of what i can remember,


  5. I was born in Brunswick St in 1952 I think the house was number 30 or 31, the Lavericks lived nextdoor or close, my dad was called Jimmy Brown and my mam was Flo we left in 1957 to live on Browns Bridge


  6. Hi Tony, thanks for your reply, it has helped me. I”m fairly sure my ancestor wouldn”t have lived in a grand house so I was interested to hear that there were different types of house on the street. As to the Gibson connection, well, that”s my husband”s surname. I will have to ask my father-in-law about Jimmy Gibson to see if he was any relation! Thanks again. Janice


  7. In reply to Janice Gibson,I lived in 52 Brunswick Street, back in 1952. I was only five and our house was a terraced house with no steps at all, my best friend at that time was Jimmy Gibson,we had many a happy time as children, he lived in a house I am sure which had steps leading up to the front door. He later went on to have his own business in plumbing. But there were many terraced houses on our side which was near the Brunswick pub, hope this helps you Janice.


  8. I believe my 4 x great grandmother lived in Brunswick Street in 1851, a discovery I”ve only just made. These houses seem a bit grand, with a floor below ground and steps up to the front door. Was the whole street like this or were there other, more modest, types of houses there?


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