9 thoughts on “Vicarage Terrace, Stockton.

  1. Steve. Richard Hind Girls did go to Lustrum Hall for “Cookery” or domestic science as we called it. We also had sewing lessons there. Didn”t realise the Hall was no longer there.


  2. I think this may be St Pauls Terrace,( If it is ,my daughter lives in the 1st house ) which is on the left of Wrensfield Road.I lived at Browns Bridge for 21 years, and looks like it. We used to play in an old air raid shelter in one of the front gardens, which I believe is still there now. The area on the left would be where Lustrum Hall was located, complete with tennis courts. This is where the girls from Richard Hind school went for some lesson or other, not sure but it could have been cookery? I agree with Alan Wealleans, it was probably taken from what we used to call the flood banks, across the beck from St Bedes church.


  3. BOB – That is a Glasgow joke, when the polis found a drunk in Sauchiehall Street they would take him round to Hope Street for the same reason. I expect every town has one like that though!!


  4. Derek Casey. An old joke my Father used to tell me when I was young. A Policeman found a dead horse in Bolsover Street so he puled it round to Napier Street because he couldn”t spell Bolsover when writing the incident in his book.


  5. To Bob Harbon, I was born in Napier St, just after the war when houses were in dire shortage. My mam and dad moved in with his sister Lizzy Evens, talk about overcrowding, by the time mam and dad got a little flat I had a brother. After all this time I can still remember, toilet out-side, tin bath hung up on the wall out-side, checking your shoes to make sure blacklocks hadn”t crawled in to them, they weren”t the good old days at all just some lovely people, all the best Derek


  6. This balloon-site was a defence against dive-bombing of Stockton Station and the rail network Kiora had one similar for both gun-site and rail-junction Pilots at low-level thought twice if a balloon was in the area, as a dive or “pull-out” from the target at speed could cause trouble Re Bill Bakers Question Metcalfe Street (gone) was behind the present Mallable-Club Norton Road , accessed by Napier Street which is still there


  7. The Barrage balloons were manned by the W,a,a,f. During the war to stop german aircraft flying low over the area just like the ones over the I,C,I AT Billinghanm, the W,A,A,F were stationed there in two wooden huts. There wasn”t any thing there except houses for the enemy to attack but one bomb did fall onto two houses in Grays road Grange estate opposite St Pauls church wich was about 5 or 6 hundred yards away from the Balloon site killing the people who were in there at the time. The crew of the plane that dropped the bomb must have thought there was a millitary base in the area


  8. The barrage balloon (I only remember one) was sited on this waste ground. I attended Newtown Junior School from 1945 and the balloon was a major source of wonder. I had no idea what it was used for at the time but I was very pleased that we had “one” in our area.


  9. I think I am correct in thinking that the flat area in the foreground is the spot that the WW2 barrage balloons were moored. The photograph would be taken from Lustrum Beck I imagine. Does anyone agree? Ged Hutchinson will know I”m sure.


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