4 thoughts on “A day out in Stockton.

  1. There do not appear to be any bicycles in the picture. The modern ‘safety’ bicycle was invented in the mid-80s (before that there were only Ordinaries, better known as penny-farthings) and quickly became popular. I agree with Frank.


  2. Merryweather Steam trams were bought by Stockton in 1883-4 and ran for quite a few years until the electric trams arrived. I have scanned the picture and there is no sign of tram lines that I can see so this would put the picture before 1883. I have seen somewhere a picture of Norton Green without trees dated if I remember correctly 1874 with the same Handsome cabs and dress. The more I research the more I am convinced that those late 1800’s were more modern than we give credit for. I did see a picture of my Great Grandma Fisher in very similar dress she would be born in the 1850’s or earlier.


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