3 thoughts on “British Rail Open Day. c1992

  1. I loved ‘Peaks’ (top picture), even better than ‘Deltics’ in my humble opinion. Shame that motive power has become so bland and generic…


  2. In 1969 I believe George (Geordie) Wren would have been the Shedmaster or Motive Power Superintendant of Thornaby MPD. A true gentleman who retired to East Harlsey. I too was lucky enough to visit Thornaby Depot in it”s steam days having written to Mr Wren. It was impressed on me that Thornaby was developed as the most modern steam depot in the country, just years before diesels took over with the British Railway”s “Modernisation” programme of the late 50s and early 60s. At the same time, Tees Yard and Tyne Yard were constructed as modern marshaling yards to serve the major industries and shipping of Teesside and Tyneside. I was also informed that the sub level sand used in the construction of the yards was transported as waste from the Newton Hall cutting that was being formed at the time.


  3. In May 1961 I along with three school mates, was given a pass as part of a youth employment initiative to visit Thornaby Motive Power Depot -then only three years old – for a guided tour. When we arrived there was no one available to show us round so we were turned loose, told to be careful and to report back before leaving. What a brilliant afternoon. We were allowed to try our hand with an oxy-acetylene cutter, visit loco footplates and try our hand at firing steam engines. One member of our group had a trip down to Middlesbrough station and back on the footplate of a Type 2 diesel-electric locomotive, which Thornaby was just beginning to receive at that time. A memorable day. In these days of HSE it hardly seems believable.


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