6 thoughts on “Streets of Stockton

  1. My great grandfather x3 William Dennis and his family [7 total] lived at No: 37 in 1881. Anyone know of a possible Dennis connection with this area as they were all Londoners for generations before they moved to Stockton on Tees between 1871 and 1891?


  2. In a search through genealogical information, I discovered that my family resided at #12 Palmerston Street in 1901. I was wondering if this block would have contained that building ?


  3. I think Peter Moon is wrong about this picture being Worthing Street.It is Leybourne Terr. Note the three story buildings on the left (which are in Leybourne) There are no three story houses in Worthing st.


  4. Peter, that is not Worthing Street, it is Leybourne Terrace, where the wall is, that is the side entrance to the woodlands medical centre.


  5. The left-hand photo (the long street with a wall along its right hand side) is Worthing Street, with the garage complex over the wall on the right.


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