3 thoughts on “Carlton Village Pumpc1933

  1. As I remember it the pump stayed behind the bus shelter for a number of years before it was ‘procured’ by the people that lived in the house to the left as you look at this picture and installed in their front garden as a decorative item. For many years it was suggested that the pump should be moved on to the small green outside The Smiths Arms, but it never happened as far as I remember.

    The White House in the picture was once upon a time rumoured to be cursed. The Richards family that lived in there while I was in the village went through a number of difficult times, with two lucky to escape alive after a very bad accident on the road between Redmarshall and Whitton.

    I lived in the village from 73-93 and still call it home.


  2. I remember the pump well. It was roughly opposite the present Smiths Arms. The house in the background belonged to a local solicitor. I lived just down the road 1932-1939.


    • The pump was beside where the bus shelter is now. White House was designed and occupied by Frederick W Turnbull, an architect, his wife and two young sons in about 1920. In the 1960s his elder son Harley and family moved into the house, and FWT moved into Ferni Cottage next door, which he had designed for his late mother and spinster sister. Both houses were on the site of a former farm house


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