VE Day on Zetland Road. 1945

A VE Day street party on Zetland Road, Primrose Hill in Stockton. The many faces in this photograph include Judith Samuel, Eleanor Bennett, Betty Young, Maureen Chesser, George Walker, Mrs Walker, Mrs Foster, Mrs King, Mrs Henderson and Mrs Hutchinson. Photograph and names courtesy of Mr Ron Henderson.

8 thoughts on “VE Day on Zetland Road. 1945

  1. Hi Colin. Jack Hutchinson lived at no.27 and later moved to no.83 Craigweil. For a while he had a car repair business down Church Road toward the Malleable.Jean (H) lives in Brisbane and Audrey in Middlesbrough. My mother lived in Craigweil from about 1934 to 1992. I moved from the area in 1952.


  2. Hello P Weatherall. I am trying to place you. I delivered papers in Craigweil Crs from 1947 to 1950. Hutchinsons moved from their original house to a house near Durham Rd, probably around 1950. Jean lives in Queensland Australia, I think the younger daughter still lives in UK. I am also tryinrg to place Peter Sawyer


  3. Having lived in Craigweil Cres., I knew Mr Hutchinson, he on occaision helped me with repairs to my motor-bikes. When I knew him he was foreman mechanic at Fred Robinsons Transport. I didn”t know that he had his own business, however he lived next door to Peter Sawyer, a contibutor to this site, who will be able to tell us more.


  4. Note for Ged Hutchinson! Tony Hutchinson lived in Zetland Rd, Durham Rd end He went to Newham Grange in my class. Also In Craigweil Crs was another Hutchinson family. Mr Hutchinson had a motor mechanics business somewhere in Stockton.


  5. Having a second look at the celibrations in Zetland road I have just realized that the Mrs King in the photo is my dads Sister my auntie Mary her husband was called Tom and there daughter called Kathleen.


  6. Regarding the VE DAY celebrations in Zetland road , there was a shop on the corner of the back street at the Durham Road end of Zetland road selling groceries , sweets etc . the people who ran the shop were called Hutchinson , I thought they were relatives of yours Ged maybe your parents ,I often went there for sweets on the way to Newtown School when I lived in Hawthorne road from 1930 to about 1934 we then moved to londonderry road . I was surprised to see on the site when I seen it that you were unaware that there was another Hutchinson in that locality which must have been the Lady you refered to, just thought I would mention it


  7. I remember the VE Day celebrations well. I lived in Hamilton Road which is at one end of Zetland Road. We had our own celebration of course and shared the occasion with Londonderry Road and Dundas Street. I am surprised to read that the Zetland Road celebrations included a Mrs. Hutchinson. I was completely unaware that there was another Hutchinson family living just a stone`s throw away. I was seven years old at the time and remember the trestle tables laden with sandwiches etc. Most of us kids had never seen a spread like it during the war years. I can also remember feeling uncomfortable when my mother danced in the street with neighbouring men. My fondest memory however is of the street races in which I did rather well and was singled out for praise by one of the umpteen “speechmakers”. It is certainly my earliest memory of a happy occasion.


  8. My father Paul (young boy at right standing)was led to this site via a magazine in Canada, he was overwelmed upon identifying himself and his grandmother Mrs Foster. Sincere gratitude is expressed to R. Henderson for supplying this photograph. I personally had only seen minimal pictures of my great grandmother until now. Thankyou.


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