6 thoughts on “Open air theatre in Ropner Park

  1. The photograph shown is almost certainly Stockton Stage Society’s production of Edward German’s Merry England. Ken Postle was the leading man.


  2. I remember dancing on the stage at Ropner Park. It must have been when the theatre first opened. I would be about 5 years old and the stage seemed enormous to me as a little girl. Lots of people in the audience and also people sitting on the grassy banks. Good memories from Connie Hall”s school of dancing.


  3. I remember bands playing at the theatre in the mid 70″s I was about 10 at time living in Richmond Road and remember my dad shouting up the stairs “Turn That B”*y Music down” to my older brother.(Must have been a bit of heavy rock!)


  4. Ropner Park open-air theatre opened in 1951 to celebrate the Festival of Britain. The Corporation ran the Theatre to stage light opera and plays by local amateur dramatic societies and summer concert parties. In 1952 there was a season of Sunday concerts by ‘bands of national repute’ with two shows a day and a charge of 6d/3d for seats and 3d entrance to the enclosure. The last performance was in 1975 and the theatre was demolished in c1983/4.


  5. Open Air Theatre –  What year did it open/close? Which theatrical groups played there and what programmes? Did Stockton and District Scouts ever have a “Gang-Show” from there and what other venues did they have in Stockton ?


  6. I remember as a child in the 1950″s attending the “open air” at Ropner Park and what a turn out they used to get. I remember the ice cream/tea kiosk and that was a treat to visit. Simple pleasures then that would seem boring today. I also remember an old broken down boat sinking in the boating lake though never saw any boats being used. Feeding the ducks on dried bread and balmy summers walking through the park with Mum and Dad when we had no money for “activities”. Fond memories also of walking to the railway footbridge and watching the steam trains race by before going home to Newham Grange Estate.


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