6 thoughts on “Yarm Castle.

  1. I used to walk from eaglescliffe with my bigger cousin often to see this little castle. I was mesmerised by it and truly beleived there were fairies living inside. I would stare at it for hours. I don’t remember it being on such a tall wall though. I thought it was on a low garden wall at the end of a path…


  2. This photo brought back memories of when I used to live in Stockton. The youth group at the church I belonged to at the time organised a Treasure Hunt in Yarm. One of the clues was to find Yarm ‘Castle’. Needless to say, not many people managed to find the ‘castle’ but it was great fun doing the Treasure Hunt.


  3. I have fascinated my visiting family and friends who didn’t know about this quaint model ‘hey have you seen Yarm castle?… ‘No it doesn’t have one’. As Mike has said it’s a shame we live in such times and with such ignorant parenting that children and youths just don’t understand what they are getting up too. If I had done anything like this as a youngster my father would have tanned me for a week… and made me pay for the repair.


  4. I was fascinated by castles and medieval buildings, even as a child, so for me this was always a beautiful sight to look at when I came out of school. I don’t recall when it was built but it has stood the test of time very well.


  5. The windows in the castle all have individual panes of glass fitted, it was originally lit up with a gas lamp inside. There was also a Town Hall next to the castle but it was vandalised so it no longer exists.


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