18 thoughts on “Teesdale Street in Thornaby. c1975

  1. I am seeking information on the Ayre family who lived at 36 Teesdale Street. Also any information about their daughters Ann and Hilda who I believed married but stayed in the immediate area


  2. I don’t think its Short Street as my Grandparents lived there and no one could afford extensions and there was not soil for a tree to grow, all had just a back yard and no gardens !


  3. Carol, I have a 1914 ‘Thornaby Almanack and Directory’ and a Henry Crossley is listed as living at No 48 Teesdale St, at that time.


  4. My Grandma and Grandad Crossley lived in Teesdale Street, I can’t rememember which number but I do remember those scary back streets. I am also trying to trace relatives of my grandad and grandma Fish who lived in 58 Cobden Street, Thornaby.


  5. I lived at 14 Teesdale Street and I think this is the back alley between Teesdale Street and the long gardens of Derby Terrace. There were some biggish trees in those gardens and one can be seen to the left of the photo. The terrace in the far distance at the bottom of the alley would be Anderson Street. Shame there are no photos of the front street.


    • Yes I thought it was the alley between Derby Terrace and Teesdale Street, you can tell by the trees. I remember Jackie Lanes shop on the corner near the alley, he was a nice bloke,


  6. I googled and found this picture; my great grandmother was born and raised at 10 Teesdale Street way back in 1892. Shame it has gone. I never actually knew that she was from there until I got married in yarm in 1992!


  7. I think that this is the back street between Teesdale Street and Short Street (Teesdale Terrace was the other side of Cobden Street to Teesdale Street and is still there.) However, I think that it must be before 1975 as this area was demolished before then as part of the general clearance that took place at the time that the A66 was constructed.


    • Teesdale Street was knocked down before 1973 I know because my youngest was born then and we had moved out by then. I lived in 49 just on the corner near Jackie Lanes shop


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