3 thoughts on “Streets of Stockton

  1. I got married in 1971 and we lived in flat 2 for 3 years but I already knew this house inside out as I lived in No. 1 Shaftesbury Street just across the road for 15 years. There was a cleaning lady who washed all the stairs throughout Shaftesbury House every day, she was called Una and had previously lived in the flats. Lots of very strange unexplainable happenings went on in this building, but everybody I have met since leaving there all said they had very happy memories of living there. The building known as Shaftesbury House and the big house opposite, known as Pene Le Dee, did not have house numbers and the numbering of the houses started in the opposite way of other streets in the town. It’s very sad to see the delapidated and run down state of what was once a fine street, featuring such lovely big houses.


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