Stockton FC. 1906-7

This is a photograph of Stockton FC 1906-7. They were runners up in the FA Amateur Cup in the following years, 1907- Clapton 2 – Stockton 1. 1908 – Royal Engineers (Depot)2 -Stockton 1. I presume that many of the players in this photo would have played in these matches. Between 1894-1974 (71 Cups) Stockton had 3 wins out of 8 finals. George Hassett was my great, great grandmothers youngest brother. Photograph and text courtesy of D.Eagle

7 thoughts on “Stockton FC. 1906-7

  1. Did George Hassett live in Milton Street round the Gashouse area? Because the turn of the nineteenth century the Gashouse area had a very good Northern League side in Stockton St Johns which belong to the church in Alma Street.


  2. Stuart Inkster Thanks for that. I wonder if you can buy the book in Sussex where I live. Is the only option for me to buy the book over the internet. I have never seen a picture of George King. I therefore probably would not recognise him unless the picture has a who is who list. It is very exciting that I may see a photo of Geoge soon.


  3. R.Healey – George Hassett was captain of Stockton Footbal Club winning the Amateur FA Cup during the 1902/3 season. Then considered by many to be one the finest amateur teams in England. He was regarded as one of the most substantial players Stockton had ever had. When asked to give up Amateurism and take on professionalism, he had always looked upon the invitation in the right light, by replying “No thank you, I prefer to stick by my own town.” I have emailed you directly with some further information.


  4. Adam Dennis – You”re in luck with regard to a photograph of this winning team. It can be found in a book entitled “Stockton Past” written by Robert Woodhouse. The book published by Phillimore in 1994, features the team along with the Directors on page 55. With regard to your last query, George Hassett was indeed the captain of this team and one of the most substantial players that Stockton ever had. I hope this is helpful and if you require any further information, please contact me through the picture.stockton team.


  5. George Hassett, Bell, Dunn and Freeland were part of the winning amateur football team for Stockton in the 1902-03 season. The 1902-03 team was Lowe, Starling, King, Rutter, Bell Hassett, Dunn, Payne, Morgan, Freeland and Blake. My great grandfather was George King. Does anyone have a photo of the 1902-03. Was Hassett the captain at this time I wonder.


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