Londonderry Road. c1947

Photograph and text courtesy of Mr Colin Booth. This is a photograph of my sister, it was taken from the side of the house where we used to live. In the background is the old farm house in Londonderry Road, on the left is the rear of the newsagents which, would have been Weatherspoons in those days. On a recent visit to Stockton I noted it is still a newsagents. c1947

10 thoughts on “Londonderry Road. c1947

  1. I used to visit my grandparents who lived at 146 Londonderry Road and can remember the flats being there in 1964/65, but they were obviously newish then. shows on an 1897 map the full farm house and outbuildings before the estate was built.


  2. For years, from the mid seventies, I would travel from Stockton to Roseworth by bus. I often looked and wondered why the building immediately behind the Newsagents on the corner of Durham Road and Londonderry Road, looked out of place. It appeared modern in comparison to its neighbours, I think it was possibly flats. Am I right in saying this modern building is on the site of the old Farmhouse, and does anyone know why the Old Farmhouse was pulled down and when??


  3. The Primrose Hill sports field was called Gilpin Brown. Primrose Hill football team used to use the hall opposite the hospital for training, the new St Johns Church now stands on the plot.


  4. Hi, the comments about Ken Lambert were brought to my attention by my cousin Jim Wood who now lives in Australia, Ken was my uncle, my mam”s brother, she was one of thirteen children, her name is now Vera Cummins. I have a family photo,with my mam & Ken and other members of the family taken circa 1945


  5. I think Benny might have you under a misconception here. Ken Lambert did not live in the farm house. He lived next door to me in 63 Londonderry Rd. I remember Ken well, he would often come out & play cricket or football with my friends & I in the back street. He was quite a bit older than us. I cant remember the name of the people in the farm house, they also had a son about Kens age.


  6. Hi Christine I thought you n might like to hear of an incident that took place in Durham Road Cemetery between Butch and Flash, It appears they were on different shifts at Sparkes Bakery and they used to take the short cut through the Cemetery to and from work. Well this particular dark and foggy night, Butch was coming home off his shift and noticed a shadowy character behind one of the gravestones, he worked his way around this character then bolted all the way home to tell of his experience in the Graveyard, it turns out that Flash told the same story when he arrived at Sparkes to start his shift and when both stories where investigated by their friends it turned out that Butch and Flash had been stalking each other around the gravestones, and frightened each other nearly to death.


  7. Hi Christine I knew your father very well he was a wonderful footballer like all the Clarke brothers. Terry was the oldest and died in a tragic swimming accident at the beach, Billy was the next oldest, followed by Colin, a great footballer, my hero as a child, then came Peter a very good cricketer who I played with in the Newham Grange and Stockton Boys teams, then later in the Stockton Cricket Club teams. David was the youngest and Margaret the only girl in the family. We all played football every Sunday in the Sports Field at the top of Hawthorne road which is now a new housing estate. Your dad was a s strong and powerful centre half, and though a big lad he was a gentle giant, and I was sorry to hear of his early passing as he was a good man, and I will always remember him as a good Sportsman and a a good friend.


  8. Hi I have been keen to get hold of you, Butch was a great family friend (Ken Lambert) who I was proud to say I knew him my late father William Eric (Bill) Clarke also my mother Rose remembers all those in Sparks Bakery my mam used to work in the fancy room and my Dad Bill was her boss, he died when I was only eleven weeks old and therefore I do not have any memories of him could you get in touch Mr. Brown as my family know you. My Uncle David Clarke remembers Flash as Mr. Alan Featherstone a great friend of his late brother Terry the memories of Uncle Ken as we knew him (Butch) cheered me up no end Thanks


  9. The old Farmhouse brings back memories of a character who lived in the farmhouse, Butch was the name he was known as Butch Lambert, he was a very keen footballer and followed Sparks Bakery Team in the Stockton and District League for years and was some times called upon to play. He worked at the Bakery with a very good friend in Flash, another local character does any one remember these two local identities. They enjoyed their friendly games of football every Sunday Afternoon at the Sports Field Primrose Hill.


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