4 thoughts on “Victory Day. 1920

  1. I have a death certificate of my Great Uncle who died there aged just 8 on 20th September 1917. Lilian White was the Matron there who was present at the death. The death certificate calls the home “The Childrens Homes” suggesting there was more than one home.


  2. Does anybody know of the home that was in Hartington road the address was 4 home hartington road if anybody has any information it would be much appreciated. michelle


  3. i was in hartington road home,in 1978.i was only there a short time and was moved to middlesbrough may 1979,when i left school.i dont know if i would be able to help.


  4. I wondered if anyone could tell me about the childrens Home at No 4 Hartington Road, Stockton. I wondered where I could find out names of children and dates of when they were there. I am doing my family tree and believe a relative could have been there for a while.


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