11 thoughts on “Billingham Town Centre. c1960

  1. Can’t remember the name of the barbers exactly but “Lauries” rings a bell. I’m 50 now, my dad used to take us late 60’s early 70’s. If anyone still goes in there can they ask about the 8th Army memoribilia on the wall? did old James or a relative serve there?


  2. Mr and Mrs tapping moved from the town centre shop to the Norton shop. Me and my sister know the daughters, still in Billingham, and their mam. Peter Stott became a taxi driver; I asked him once why give up his shop (cos I missed his pies, and still do), he said he was getting a bit fed up of it and also the rates were always too high, which was a common complaint with shop keepers in Billingham centre. I wish there were more close up pictures of all the shops, just to remember the names of ones I’ve forgotten.


  3. The manager of the shop was Peter Stott, he lived in Wolviston, I think he had a brother Nigel. Sadly Peter died at quite a young age, in the nineties I think?


  4. I remember a Mr and Mrs Tapping being the Managers of the off licence which used to be Snowdons on Norton Road near to Victoria Avenue. They sent a condolance card to us when my father in law died in 1985. In Snowdons days the off licence belonged to Vaux’s.


  5. Remember Burtons very well – all the young men of the day would shop at Burtons in the town centre, always got my suits made to measure there. Stotts the butchers – knew the son but for the life of me cannot remember his name. I wonder who that young man is in the photo? I think this is later than 1960 probably 62/3. I worked on this building for Tarmac Building as a bricklayer from start to finish, and I only finished my apprenticship in 1960, so that building was not yet in use in 1960.


  6. I’ve always known the barbers as James, been going there all my life and am into my early 40`s now, his daughter runs it now. Saw james the other week, still looking well.


  7. The off licence on the end we always called Reltons, I think that the name above the door was Gerrard Relton. Mr and Mrs Tapping had it and lived in the flat above which is now the dentists.


  8. I remember Lauries the barbers, my dad used to always take us there. Always remember memorabilia and names of exotic places on the walls that now I realize were the names of battles in North Africa like El Alemain and Tobruk. I guess old Laurie (does anyone actually know his proper name?)served in the 8th army under Monty?


  9. This picture brings back a lot of memories.
    I can remember “Lauries” barbers just to the left top of the stairs, it’s called “James” now & is still busy. There was a travel agents further along, On the lower level at the far end, Blaneys off license (now a fish shop) & next door Peter Stotts butchers, sold the best pasties I ever tasted, wish I had the recipe!


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