3 thoughts on “Was this your local Co-op?

  1. This was the Stockton Co-operative Society`s first purpose built store. The society commenced in 1866 with a small shop in Garbutt Street with 30 members and a capital of £47. In the early days it went under the grand name of the Stockton Co-operative Industrial And Provident Society Limited. Within three years they were in a position to purchase a piece of ground in Wellington Street on which a store was erected at a cost of £950. The store opened in January 1870. Because of it`s success the store was later extended at a cost of £1,150. I believe the store also holds another “first”. In 1949 the store became the first on Teesside to become “self service”.


  2. Definitely the co-op. We called it “the stores”. I lived down on Wellington St, no.99.and during the war it was my job to go early in the morning to get our bread. The Baptist Tabernacle was opposite. Those were the days before “self-serve”!!!!! That came in the 50″s I believe. These pics certainly bring back memories of childhood there. I went back in 1973 and photographed many of the streets around there.


  3. I remember my Grandmas divi no 22135. I also remember my first shop at the “self-service”. Oh, how things have changed. In the old days the shop assistant”s had time to talk to you, they always asked after my Grandma. How life changes.


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