Richard Hind School

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These are the brass door assemblies from the Richard Hind School in Stockton, rescued from the wreckers by Mr Ron Davies an ex pupil now residing in Melbourne Australia. These assemblies are now a fixture in Rons house in Melbourne Australia.

Photographs and information courtesy of Benny Brown.

2 thoughts on “Richard Hind School

  1. Hello, my late father Ron Davies grew up in Stockton, before joining the Merchant Navy and emigrating to Australia. Am curious as to any suggestions and leads as to confirming whether the last boy in line, seen at the end of this film, is in fact my father aged 13. My dad never mentioned it. Though the resemblance is uncanny. It is a fascinating film captured as part of the war effort in Stockton:
    Perhaps there was a newspaper article at the time? Interested in any suggestions.
    Kind regards from Castlemaine, Australia.


  2. Ron Davies is now a successful businessman; his company design and manufacture vacuum pumps and refrigeration equipment in Australia and Teesside. Ron is also a keen pilot owning his own aircraft and flying from the local Lilydale airfield. Ron is also in Contact with another well-known Stockton boy in Peter Coates who went on to become CEO of Power Gas in Australia; they meet for a lunch date here in Melbourne. Both Peter and Ron would still have many friends and family on Teesside.


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