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  1. Maureen Walker – There were 1131 bodies exhumed from Holy trinity in 1976 , and re-interred in oxbridge Lane cemetery , taking up 47 grave spaces. Of the 1131 bodies, 837 were adults and 294 were children. There actually IS a marker in the cemetery, at the Grangefield Road end, near to the cremated remains garden – it doesn’t name any of the re-interred, it just mentions that people are buried there that were once in Holy trinity churchyard. They were moved to make way for the road that goes from Borges restaurant to the riverside roundabout.


    • James Barron d1878 Sept 19th [Age 43 Years; 2nd great-grandfather of wife] and was interred on the 22nd September 1878 in the graveyard of the Holy Trinity [National Burial Index For England & Wales: held by Find my Past]. His wife, Margaret (Bell) Barron was buried on the 28th December 1916 at Durham Road Cemetery [Registration & Bereavement Services: Stockton on Tees, Borough Council]. I am still interested in locating documentation for the burial of James. The Gravestone Photographic Resource website does not recognize the Holy Trinity Church in Stockton-on-Tees, probably due to the 1976 reinterment or cremation of the bodies.


    • In remembrance of my paternal 2nd great-grandfather Samuel Fenny [ died 8th August 1879 : 68 Years ] was interred on the 10th August 1879 in the graveyard of the Holy Trinity grounds.


  2. The building of Holy Trinity, to the ‘eclectic Gothic’ design of John and Benjamin Green began in 1834. The top of the spire was lost during a gale in 1882 and since its completion the church has suffered from structural problems. The remainder of the spire was removed at a later date for safety reasons. In 1982 it was declared redundant, and in 1991 an act of arson destroyed the roof and many other historic elements. It is still grade II listed.
    My parents were married here and I was christened here.


  3. While doing family research I learned that some of my ancestors were married & died in this parish. I was told that they were re-interred at Oxbridge cemetery but we could never find them, no headstones or markers of any kind. Not a very satisfactory conclusion, you’d think that there would be a little more respect!


  4. I have vague memories of this churchyard being screened off in the 1960s whilst the old graves were removed. Does anybody know if or where the remains from the graves were re-interred?


  5. My wife and I got married in this lovely church in September 1971, while at school I was also a choirist a this church. It boasted an original ‘Thompson’ mouse carving on the skirt of the great doors leading into the church, now sadly all gone. I personally don’t believe the rumour of derelict homeless setting fire accidentally to the building. It would appear that my Father and Mother-in-Law also got married in this church. I wonder how many others from the Parkfield and other estates of Stockton-on- Tees were also married in this church. I can remember it when it had it’s spire on top of the tower. The church yard also is steeped in history going back as far as the plaque pits in its far corner.


  6. We were married in this lovely church, 11th Nov (rememberence day) 1961 at 3-15pm and it was dark when we came out of the church. We are still very happily married.


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