3 thoughts on “St Cuthberts Primary School c1986

  1. I attended St. Cuthbert’s from 1986 to 1994. Good memories. Teachers I recall in that period were:

    Nursery – Mrs. Bostock / Mrs Huitson (Or Houston?) – Mrs. Bostock’s husband also taught at Our Lady & St. Bede where I later attended for Secondary school from 1994 to1999.
    Reception – Mrs. Mallaby
    Y1 – Mrs. Desmond
    Y2 – Mrs Barnes / Mrs Pearce (who later became headteacher I think).
    Y3 – Mrs Scott
    Y4 – Mr Waring
    Y5 – Mr. Lyons
    Y6 – Mrs Harris / Mr Eastwood

    I still live locally and drive past regularly. The building is exactly the same. Parkfield Foundry was over the road and long since demolished for housing along with the CL Prosser scrap yard. The old Bowesfield pub on Bowesfield Lane is now a nursing home. Kvaerner’s old offices just round the corner is also housing.

    Even the uniform is still the same – maroon jumpers with the same school crest.


  2. I worked in the office of the late Frank Swainston Architect at this time and did all the production drawings. The school was built by Tarmac Construction and their Contract Manager was Roger Barker from Guisborough. He also managed local bands and if memory serves promoted dances around the area including Redcar Jazz Club.


  3. I went to St Cuthberts between 1973-78. The larger central section was the assembly/dinner hall/PE hall. To the right was the kitchen where the dinner nannies did their stuff. To the left were the junior classes. I still sometimes drive past when I am in the area and nothing much seems to have changed externally. It was a super little school. The head was Mr Coughlan when I went. Some of the teachers I remember were Mrs Booth, Mrs Hart, Mrs Mallaby and Mr Wilson.


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