Norton High Street, 2005

This part of Norton High Street was the terminus when trams were still in operation. There was no need for a turning circle for the trams as the swing of the pantograph arm changed the polarity of the electric motor, forward or reverse.

9 thoughts on “Norton High Street, 2005

  1. I have a lovely oil painting of Norton green in winter 1976, I can even pick out certain characters from the village like the nun in her brown habit and children playing near the duck pond one of which shows a girl with red hair playing with 2 dark hair boys which I strongly believe it my auntie Lizzy from Ragworth Road who always played with the two boys next door on the green. Ha Ha maybe it is! I think it has to be, I love it.


    • Joanne, the lady wearing the brown clothing is called Christine Mahan and lives on Darlington Back Lane in the houses opposite the big flats. Her mother and mine were good friends and went to many local whist drives together. Her mother was a teacher at the St Josephs School in the 50’s and 60’s. I lived in Oakwell Road so maybe I knew your aunt Lizzie and the 2 boys.


    • We have a few here at home in Wylam, near Newcastle, if you are passing – Greta was my mother. Others are around the family. I might try to get photos of the ones we have and post.


  2. As one who remembers being able to strike a cricket ball across any of the roads on the green and the fielders to chase them without fear of traffic it is sad to see the vehicles parked up all day and the turmoil which is the school run. It is a surprise to me some one has not suggested they cut down the trees in the High Street for more car parking, or have they? When the BBC film crew came to see me for the 60 years after interview 2005, they phoned the night before from their hotel asking the way. I directed them through Stockton down Norton Road up the High Street and over the Green, they arrived totally amazed at the oldy worldy scenes and as part of the film whisked me onto the Green to do a bit of play acting. We have a wonderful heritage in the High Street and the Green we should be looking after it better although Stockton Council are to be commended for what they do in that area.


  3. I am lucky enough to have some of Greta Percy’s beautiful depictions of Norton. Unfortunately Norton Village has been spoilt in my opinion with the amount of cars parking and passing through.


  4. What about a photo to the left of this, showing the old Pattersons newsagency, with the duck pond in the fore ground. Just like Greta Percy used to paint, very nice for prospective tourists dont you think ?


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