The Vane Arms Hotel

The Vane Arms was formerly called the Red Lion. The old sign was taken down in 1821, and the Vane Arms was mounted in its stead, and to mark the occasion, a dinner was given by Lord Stewart, to his tradesmen. This old hotel was a busy house in the old stage coaching days. The first Custom House was situated in the Vane Arms yard.

6 thoughts on “The Vane Arms Hotel

  1. I too remember the German waiter, my friends and I knew him as Carl. One of my most vivid recollections was going for a drink in the coctail bar upstairs when I was 21 years of age. We had been drinking there for some years, as a joke I turned up having removed my beard, which I had sported since the age of 18. NOT Carl but his fellow employee, a barmaid who I was well acquainted with asked if I was of legal age. I was quite chuffed!


  2. Not my very favourite hotel, but certainly the scene of some happy memories, as my boyfriend and I celebrated our engagement there in November 1954. The Pimms were superb, served in tankards with decorative fruit slices. They have, for me, never been equalled. Then on to the Stockton Rugby Club”s Annual Ball held at the “Maison”, and dancing to the music of Jack Marwood. Which was as it should have been, as that was where we first met. We still dance, but our Quickstep has now become a Slow Waltz. In 1997, after an absence from England of thirty two years, we made our pilgrimage to Stockton, where we spent a wonderful two months, meeting old friends and renewing acquaintance with the few parts of the Town that we still recognised. We had been warned that “A few things may have changed since you were last here”. But even this warning had not prepared us for the desecration of that lovely old High Street. Much has been written about the changing face of Stockton and so I will not belabour it further. But my Husband, (same boyfriend) and I took a turn into Nelson Terrace to look at The Sec”, his old school. Not there! Construction barriers and a large hole in the ground from which protruded reinforcing bars, together with a lot of dust and noise. Being a sensitive soul, he was quite upset by this and in an attempt to regain his composure we called into the “White Hart” in Dovecote Street. He insisted that it was the White Hart, but the name above the door said “Georgia Brown”, who was doubtless a figure from Stockton”s history. We never did find out. For me the visit to my old school “Cleveland” was even more surprising. Dear old Woodside Hall, located at the end of The Avenue at Eaglescliffe. Well, The Avenue was recognisable, not too many changes there until we arrived at the Caretaker”s Lodge and what appeared to be Checkpoint Charlie complete with barriers. And Woodside Hall? Gone! And in it”s place what appeared to be red brick barracks. We were given permission to look around and after inspecting the mini Museum with it”s school uniforms, Cleveland and Queen Victoria High we came across a corridor/picture gallery with class photographs from many years ago. You may imagine the emotion when I found myself featured in three of the pictures, together with the faces of old friends. Where are they now? Of the old school, little remains apart from the Clock Tower with it”s now dead clock set at ten to three. Possibly by someone with an ear for Rupert Brooke. How I would gaze from the Art Room window, willing that clock to move quicker. And I got my wish, and that clock has never slowed down since. My favourite hotel? It was the Royal, a little further along the High Street towards the Empire Theatre. Romantic memories there!!!


  3. Yes I remember the German man very well. We had our wedding reception at the Vane Arms and this very large foreign Gentleman introduced each guest out as they entered the room by reading their names. Two of the guests were introduced as Mr. and Mrs ANT-RO-BUS and it sounded so nice the way in which he curled his tongue around each sylable. Remember that day Ian?? 41 years today. And it snowed.


  4. The Vane Arms brings back many happy memories and how they could demolish such a wonderful old Hotel is beyond me. Herman the German, I remember one Christmas Party from Ashmores being held there with about twenty people in the one drinks order, and Herman brought every one the correct drink, we as youngsters at the time thought he was a bit of a show off so we decided to teach him a lesson. When he came around for the second drinks order we just a said same again, expecting him to slip up, but no, every one got the drink they had ordered, He was a real character.


  5. My favourite hotel! A lovely place to go for a quiet G&T served by a smooth waiter known privately to us as Herman the German. He had the wonderful knack of bringing the change back on the tray arranged in such a way that an appropriate tip was always available. He only blotted his copy book once by spilling the said gin over my boyfriend”s trousers. It was the scene of so many important times in my youth – and they knocked it DOWN!!!!!!


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