9 thoughts on “Tilery Road Boys Football Team, 1956

  1. That’s who I meant Paul, second from right. I left the buses over twenty years ago due to ill health, I am now retired and have a large family who keeps me fit! If you want to you can ask Picture Stockton for my e-mail address. I would not recognise you now Paul, like I said you were very young last time I saw you.


  2. Thanks Richard, I’ll give a copy to Barry Canham (Keeper) – to hear him talk, how he didn’t make Ramseys ’66 squad is anyones guess!


  3. Trevor White played football for St Johns Youth Club in the youth league. Derek Fisher is the younger brother of Norman (Knocker) Fisher who played for Stockton Boys Team & Middlesbrough Juniors. Richard Scott was secretary of Norton & Stockton Ancients when they progressed from the Teesside League to the Northern League. Richard & many more put the foundation down for the clubs present position.


  4. Thanks Tony & Anon, I thought second from right on front row looked more like my dad, having seen the photo taken at the Vic. Hope you’re well Tony, thanks for the info on my Grandad. I think you were on the buses last time I saw you.


  5. Names as follow; Back row:- Mr Griffiths, Norman Toogood, Terry Salter, Maurice Burns, Barry Cannon, Derek Fisher, David Lewis, Geoff Coppack and Mr Smales. Front row:- Jackie Cuthbert, Richard Scott, Billy Piggot, Trevor White and ? Heavysides.


  6. Richard Scott is the man to put names of the faces in the team Paul, but if you put TILERY SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAMS in the search the site in the top right hand side, you will see photos of your dad Trevor in two photos – one on the Victoria Ground & a team photo taken in 1954.


  7. Paul, second from the left has the loook of your dad trevor but I’m not too sure. The last time I saw you you were very small, I knew your mam and dad well and also your Uncle Frank who I see quite a lot in Stockton. I knew all the family with being brought up in Centenery Crescent and knew your Nana and Grandad White, Your Grandad, on the odd occasion, would come to our house and play the piano for us – he could really tickle the keys. They were good genuine people. Hope you are well – stay safe.


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