4 thoughts on “Streets of Stockton

  1. Apologies to car buffs, but its great to see photographs of Stockton streets, as above, without any car or van in sight, now you can fully appreciate all the old street detail, and just right for games as well!!! As a recent visitor to Stockton attempting to take photographs of old Parkfield and Norton terraced streets from my past, endless rows of parked cars (even during work hours) makes for dreary results and lack of desired subject matter. In the modern world we need the cars by the houses as well.


  2. Mr & Mrs Temple were just about the lovliest people you could meet, i went all through school with their son David, and i can tell any one who remembers Jack Temple he never changed at all, they moved on to Albany est after retiring, their house looked onto the then new Norton school, cant have been many caretakers like Jack Temple,all the best to all 


  3. Does anyone know anything about streets in Stockton or Thornaby.  l”m doing my tree and my family are from Herbert St, John St in Stockton and before that in Trafalgar St and Lumsdon St in Thornaby. Can anyone remember the Erimus houses on the old Stockton Rd.  l think they call it Thornaby to Boro. Our family names are Malcolm, Mckenna, Anderson any of them ring a bell?  Would be great to hear from anyone that remembers any of them. 


  4. The taller lady is Edith Temple, Jack Temples wife he was the caretaker of Tilery Road Boys and Girls school. The other Lady is Mrs Elizabeth Outhwaite with her daughter Ann


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