1 thought on “Aerial view of ICI. c1950

  1. This smoke ridden view gives a good impression of ICI at this time, when the hydrogen needed for ammonia manufacture was being made using a gasification process from coal. And during WWII it was an anti-bombing measure to keep industrial pollution high. The Smoke Control Act only cam in during 1956, and as far as I know industries were allowed to emit smoke a few times an hour.

    Because of the abrupt turn in the River Tees, the Transporter Bridge, which can be just about be discerned, is at the top of the picture about a third from the right. What seems to be North Tees Power Station is bordering the river, just below the location of the Transporter on the picture, although on a completely different part of the river.

    The A19 trunk road sweeps round towards the Newport Bridge from the roundabout, with the road to Norton coming of the bottom of the picture .


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