4 thoughts on “Mystery outing?…

  1. The girl third from the left on the bottom row is Bunty Morris (nee Corney) She was my mother, and must have been about 16 on this photo. Her mother, Nellie Corney, is fifth from the left on middle row. At the time they lived in Norfolk Street, Oxbridge.


  2. How nice to see a photo of my Mam on here. I dont have many photo”s of her younger days, although I must say she looks older to me on this photo than I ever remember her being. My sister Marg has been holding out on me, Ive never seen this photo. Although I cant help with any of the names on this photo I recognize many faces, they were all ladies who lived in Oxbridge, most of them lived in either Suffolk St or Norfolk St. I suspect this was a trip out probably organized by the Oxbridge Working Mans Club or the Oxbridge Pub.


  3. My mum, Rose McCullough sits centre with her handbag on her knee. I vaguely recognise one or two folk but I am quite unable to put names to anyone.


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