3 thoughts on “Mayor planting a tree

  1. Many trees were indeed planted in Plant A Tree Year 1973, among them many of the trees on the Stockton Ring Road by the former St. John”s School, Ragworth, now the Community Centre.


  2. By, that takes me back. I was one of the chosen few at Hardwick Junior School in 1973 who was picked to do such a thing years ago. It was called “Plant a tree in 73”. I don”t know if it was the start of planting trees in Hardwick or whether they did it every year. The Mayor was there too but I don”t know if any pictures were taken. My tree was somewhere near the English Martrys School opposite the playing field.


  3. Looks like it”s on Wheatley Walk near the Hardwick Community Centre and the shops. The flats in the background have been long gone, not sure if the tree remains.


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