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  1. I went to Oxbridge School from 1953 and then to Cleveland School Eaglescliffe from 1957 – 1963. Sandra I have a newspaper cutting of us in a play we did on the 4th and 5th April 1963 called ‘Be Dutiful, My Daughter’. I played the daughter. Also in the picture are Christine Todd, Carolyn Brown and Jane stirling. I remember you well and that you were mad about Elvis Presley! I have several class photos and a picture of the old school building. I will try to send these to be put on the website.


  2. Gosh. Diane Loraine, yes i do remember you, if only slightly. I havent ben in Stockton for at least 25 years, but finding this site has been quite eye opening. Take care, and nice to have had contact after all these years


  3. What a great pleasure to find that there are some of the younger “Young Ladies” who still have an affection for Cleveland School (Woodside Hall). Thank you Linda and Judy for your comments, which started a whole train of memories. Linda, your mention of the main staircase really started me thinking back to the days when we would “dare” each other to run up these stairs. I wonder what happened to that beautiful old staircase. Preserved somewhere, sold to some builder or fallen to the axe and reduced to firewood. Judy, regarding your queries about Sonia Rhea. Sadly, as these things happen, I lost touch with her when I left the school in 1952. She was living in Osmotherly and then moved to Saltburn where I visited her on the odd occasion. After which!!! Ah Well! It would be lovely to receive some news of her, and some of the other “Old Girls”. A thought has just popped into my head. In the period between the demolition of Woodside Hall and the building of the red brick barracks, what happened to the pupils. Hasta la vista Linda, Cheerio Judy.


  4. Patricia – sadly I can”t help with a photograph of Woodside Hall, but reading your comments my eye fell on the name ” Sonia Rhea ” This is a name I know very well from my own childhood, although as far as I know we never met. Sonia lived with her parents in Kilburn Road, a couple of doors away from my parents, John & Ethel Hird. This was before I was born but I was often told about Sonia, who as a little girl evidently charmed my parents and was often to be found drinking “lemonlade” with “Mr Hard” when her mother was trying to round her up for bed! I believe the Rheas moved away from Kilburn Road and certainly my parents lost touch with them. But I”d love to know if Sonia is still out there somewhere. I was brought up in Stockton, but have not lived there for many years. I am still very much a northerner at heart and we do visit as often as we can.


  5. The old Oxbridge School did not remind me of Cleveland School. Don”t know why the picture came up. Any way I am glad Patricia has the same memories of the old school as i do . Miss Gosling was head then. I was there when they pulled Woodside Hall down, and couldn”t understand, how something so beautiful could be destroyed. I used to long to get to 6th form so I would be allowed to go up the main stairs, but alas, it all went before I got there I now live in Spain, but like Judith I would love to see photos of the old place. Do you remember the tower. We used to get told that the ghost of the white lady lived there!!


  6. I am a little uncertain as to why a Class photograph of Oxbridge School Children should remind Linda Pieper of Cleveland School, which, by the way, was located in Eaglescliffe, not Egglescliffe. However, I am pleased that someone has been reminded of that lovely old school which I attended from 1947 until 1951. Ten years ago, after an absence of thirty two years from the U.K. I returned to Eaglescliffe for a two months holiday and one of my first actions was to pay a visit to the Old School. A beautiful sunny day as my Husband and I strolled along The Avenue towards dear old Woodside Hall. Very little seemed to have changed, until we arrived at the Lodge and I gazed with anticipation towards—- a red brick building that my Husband said reminded him of his old Regimental Barracks. No Woodside Hall! Just a Teesside High School. Which described the buildings function, but somehow the name lacked any suggestion of being special. We visited the office and were given permission to look around the school, noting the display of uniforms inside of the main entrance. Cleveland School and Queen Victoria High, stemming from an amalgamation of the two. Class photographs, and to my great pleasure and surprise, I appeared on three of the pictures. Two of these photographs, I have hanging in my home in Australia. Very little of the old place remains, although the Clock Tower is still there, with it”s hands set permanently at ten to three. I can remember sitting in Art Class gazing at that clock, willing the hands to move a little faster. The Fountain, non functioning, was still there, as were the steps where, on sunny days, we would sit to have our lunch. But, too many memories were flooding in, and I was glad to leave the school grounds and seek sanctuary in the lounge of the Sportsman Hotel. It seemed to be a good time to remember old friends and to wonder what has happened to them all and whether any of them are still living on Teesside. Some of their names will be with me forever. Rosalind Bell, Judith Isreal, Sonia Rhea, June Burnell, Dorothy Lane, Lynne Williamson, Kathleen May. I would love to hear from anyone out there who remembers any of these names. Oh! Are there any photographs of Woodside Hall as it was?


  7. Linda – I remember you and your friend Jackie Cavanagh. I was a Queen Vic girl and when our schools joined together we were in the same class. I live in Kent and haven”t been to Stockton for years – I enjoy looking at the photos on this site but am happy to keep my distance in real life!


  8. Can any one remember the old CLeveland High School in Egglescliffe? It was rebuilt about 1970 and called Teesside High School – any photos of the old school?  Sharon Tate, Michelle Romaine and Mrs Lindon. Where are you now. My single name was Hessing


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