4 thoughts on “Stockton High Street c1940

  1. Tom Iredales Thursday Cricket eleven brings back memories for me. I had just been made redundant from Head Wrightsons Stockton Forge and before starting on my new career at Ashmores, I had a nine week break between jobs, so I turned out for Tom Iredales Thursday eleven. The team was made up of mostly Businessmen or retired gentlemen, and I was 23 years old at the time, I told them I was on holiday for a few weeks not wanting to tell them I was unemployed at the time. What a life – lovely sunny weather, playing cricket mid week, this was the life. My wife Marie was employed in Gerald Goldstons Chartered Accountants office on Stockton High Street at the time so she supported me for my nine week cricketing holiday. Wonderful memories of playing at Stocktons Ground and some lovely country grounds. Tom was the typical gentleman and had a tobacconists shop in Dovecot street.


  2. A wonderful reminder of childhood & early youth. Tommy Iredale”s tobacconist”s shop was typical of the times with the aroma of pipe tobacco and cigars. Incidentally, Tommy captained and organised Stockton Cricket Club”s Thursday section, arranging the fixtures at home and away out in the country. Leisurely affairs but great pleasure for the players and the regular retired spectators.


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