8 thoughts on “Ashmores Football Team -1950s/60s

  1. Blackie Wilson worked at F Hills where I worked. He was a Machinist. He suffered from the Machinists disease of cutting his fingers off – I would say that the ones he had would not make up one handful. He would joke about his foreign holidays and show you the finger part that paid for it with the compensation he received.


  2. I have noticed that you have asked about George Blackie Wilson, Bob. He is the goalkeeper on this photo.. Directly in front of him is a lad called Marley, I think his first name was Ernie. Blackie was brought up in Elsdon Street, Oxbridge, but went to the Open Air School which I think was at Norton. He did play quite a few times for Stockton.


  3. I agree,It is Ronnie Walker,I played for Oxbridge football team in the cup final referred to, in fact I scored the only goal to win the cup.


  4. I recognise the three Benny mentioned,Brian Cox ran for Stockton Harriers with my brother in law Kenny Morris along with Ken Smith & Ken Rhea they were the sprint relay team.Geoff Smith is the son of a former well known & respected referee Ernie(Send em off)Smith.


  5. First left back Row Brian Cox. also a very good 100 yards sprinter and long jumper, Reputed to be able to do evens for the 100 yards with Stockton Harriers, Far left front Rowe Geoff Smith, far right Front Row, Jack Gilson, this looks like a 57/58 team, or thereabouts.


  6. I can start the the ball rolling by naming Ronnie Walker who is on the back row second from the left.Ron captained Oxbridge School round about 1945/46 when they beat Richard Hind in the final of the Schools football Cup and then he went on to play for West End and captained the Minor team (14 TO 16) to win the Minor Cup.


  7. This is a photo of Ashmores Football team, not sure of the date but late 50″s, early 60″s. My father, Charles (Jock) McInnes is on the front row, second from the left. Unfortunately he never wrote the names of the other players on the back. If anyone would like to fill in the blanks, or even like a copy of the photo they are more than welcome. Best wishes Moira Murphy


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