7 thoughts on “Crossleys Retirement Presentation

  1. Lord above, I used to work at Crossley”s Builders about 1973. I”ve still got an old photo of when we used to have a girl”s football team called “Brickbats” – I”ll have to post it on this site. I live in Guernsey now, been here 31 years – scary or what?


  2. Now its getting scary! There”s my mam again in another picture I”ve never seen. On top of that the response by Yvonne Thompson(second left in photo), can this be Yvonne nee Harper the older sister of my best mate (in those days)Maurice (mott) Harper?? I think it is. The world ( as I have said on earlier posts on this site) continues to get smaller. Hello Yvonne, give my love to your family.


  3. Left to right – dont know man shaking hands with Rosie but I think it might be the manager. I”m next to him. Audrey out of office, Jim sold fires and Kath Mckewen office. I worked with Rosie as a cleaner and played darts with her.


    • Don’t know if you remember me I worked there also. Great place to work some good laughs. Dave Jobson was the boss then. There was Bob Quinn, Kath Mckie and Jimmy Laing. Can’t remember any others


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