9 thoughts on “Bridge Road c1960

  1. I think the newsagent was Eastwoods. As a 16 year old I worked at the Evening Gazette office on the corner of Tower Street. Remember seeing Roy Orbison arriving at the Metropole hotel opposite. Better pub than Wetherspoons!


  2. I believe the brewery ceased production in the 1930’s but carried on as a distribution centre for The North Eastern Breweries & later Vaux Breweries, for some time after this. Does anyone remember brewery vehicles using the site and what businesses occupied the site once it stopped being used by a brewery?


  3. I can confirm this is around 1960. My first ever car was a 1959 Ford Anglia purchased for £29. The light coloured car on the right hand side is a Ford Anglia. What a great picture, the buildings had character then and don”t the streets look nice and quiet.


  4. One of these shops would have been number 9 Bridge Road; During the 1930s Alice Dicken ran Stockton Tool & Cutlery stores. At the Outbreak of WW11 1939 this shop and the Bishopton Lane shop run by my father Henry (Harry) Thomas Dicken were moved into 69, High Street about April 1939. Immediately after that my father was called up and sent to France in the B.E.F.


  5. To Barry Davis, If you enlarge the piture you will see two gateposts with capitols on the top of each. This is the gateway of the brewery. The building on the left end is the Theatre. An unattractive modern eyesore now occupies the area.


  6. Is Bridge Road were the brewery was in Stockton? I seem to recall my grandfather telling me and my brothers stories about when he used to work there.


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