13 thoughts on “Low Grange, Billingham 1966

  1. I was in the floods that happened I think around 1978 maybe wrong I was about 9/10yr old, I went swimming in the floods to rescue a neighbour’s labrador which I found safe but swam back with it. I lived and was born in 25 Neasham Avenue the army had to rescue us.


  2. I think all 4 photos are Hastings way.
    Bus stop top of the road was for the number 10A?
    Bus to Stockton via Billy town centre and Belaises ave?
    11 to Boro?
    I do remember number 41 to port.


  3. I lived in Redworth Road then known as bomber I loved every day living there. I am now living in sunny Saltburn I have a fishing tackle shop there. I remember you Pauline and a few others I’d love to hear from any of you


  4. I lived at 71 Delaval Road and went to Low Grange Infants (when it was brand new!) and Low Grange Juniors before moving to Allendale Road over by the old station and going on to South Modern and Stepehanson Hall. I moved to Scotland in 1966.


  5. Is that Pauline Charlton that used to go to Faraday Hall and lived in Haverton or Port Clarence ??? If it is I used to go to school at Faraday with you – Maureen Iverson – lived in Guernsey since 1977 but been back a good few times over the year to see our mam, unfortunately she died 4 years ago so haven’t any reason to go back there now. If it is you it would be nice to hear from you – the site has my contact details


  6. Does anyone remember me, I used to live at 10 Evesham Way?We were one of the first people to live in that road in 1967. I do still know a couple of people who still live there, Audrey Hooker who was a very good friend of mine, also the Morgan family.

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  7. I used to drink in the Merlin pub on Low Grange from 1972-78 when we left the area. Tommy Turner was the landlord back then formerly of the Brown Jug I believe.


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