12 thoughts on “Form 1Z of Grangefield Grammar in 1960

  1. Tell me more of these (mostly) wonderful days… I was most definitely in this form run by “harry” Harper (Keith Turner, Eric Short and several others proved to be good friends), but was obviously absent on the day of this photographs. Waddington was appointed as form captain. Robson was very clever, it’s recalled. Cool Taylor sat next to me. Head Boy the late Charlie Gillett made me stand up the first morning… for talking (nothing new there!) Other than Eric Short (cycling team-mate 1964-72, have never really been in touch with anyone since.


    • Hi Colin… how are you doing? I’ve kept contact with Richard Wilson and Graham Reeve. John Malcolm Reid if you remember him from year 3 is still around. John


  2. John Robson, now living in New Zealand, sends his regards together with his recollection of the names of his classmates. Back row: David Richardson, Wairing, Alistair Sherlock, Douglas Wright. 3rd row: John Sutherland, ? , Peter Taylor, John Raybould, Russell Wootton, David Seddon, Raymond Waite, Waller. 2nd row: Eric Short, Tim McGeowan, Keith Turner, David Richmond, Geof Muirhead, Salmon, McLoughlin, Geof Richardson, Reeve, Paul Waddington, Michael Whitfield. Front row: Murphy, Richard Murray, John Robson, Michael Welsh, Richard Wilson, Harry Harper, Poole, Ian Reynolds, John Whitmore, Gerald Weir, Wright.


  3. Geoff Muirhead would of been the brother of John Muirhead. There was a few that fell into the ‘not bad for a lad from Ragworth category’. Ronald Thwaites Q.C. was another & he was a Richard Hind pupil.


  4. I was in 1X and not 1Z but I am fairly confident that Ally is right and that it is G.G. Richardson(aka Hoss) next to Malcolm Mcloughlin. I remember Richard Walker had very fair hair. He was a friend of mine and his father was a policeman in Roseworth if we are talking about the same Walker. I believe Geoff Muirhead went on to be the boss of Manchester Airport and was awarded a CBE in 2004. Not bad for lad from Ragworth.


  5. The boy next to me is John Richmond and the one next to John Whitmore is Gerald Weir. I cannot remember the last one on the front row but know that the one named Walker on the back row is actually Richardson. So Richardson in the second row could be Walker but I am not sure. Jeaves is actually Reeve, Waites is Waite, and Wairing is Wareing.


  6. Best Effort; Back row: Walker,Wairing,Sherlock,Wright 3rd row: Sutherland,?, Reynolds, Raybould, Wootton, Seddon, Waites, Waller. 2nd row: Short, Mcgeowan, Turner,?, Muirhead, Salmon, Mcloughlin, Richardson, Jeaves, Waddington, Whitfield, Front row: Murphy, Murray, Robson, Welsh, Wilson, Harry Harper(Holy Joe), Poole, Reynolds, Whitmore,?,?


  7. This is form 1z (yes Z …..how”s that for a start at the big school !! ) at grangefield grammar in 1960. What became of this motley crew? Anyone out there willing to admit to wearing short trousers?


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