6 thoughts on “Stockton RFC Juniors 1959/60

  1. John Buston – like you I do not remember Tony being at Grangefield. He did not join the sixth before 1962. That said he was a good scrum half. I have a very poor quality photogragh of him and Peter Dodds learning to ice skate on a frozen Ropner Park pond.


  2. Ridley Scott certainly attended Grangefield but I could have sworn Tony went to Rosebank. However Wikpedia also puts him down as Grangefield. I left Grangefield at 16 but can’t remember him in my year. Did he join in the 6th form?


  3. The Tony Scott in this photograph is the Hollywood director of Top Gun, Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide and many more big budget movies. Tony is the younger brother of fellow film director Ridley Scott and both attended Grangefield school.


  4. Back Row: Bob Coulson (coach?), Peter Dodds, Taf Evans, Harry Chapman, ? Jones, Chris Thrower, Ron Robertson, Owen Turnbull, Angus Pearson. Front Row: Ron Moyes, David Davies, Tony Scott, Eddy Hatch, Arthur Chapman, John Buston and myself Alan Callender.


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