7 thoughts on “Stockton High Street 1983

  1. I worked in John Collier’s as a Saturday job and holidays from 1982 to 1985. According to the manager there, it had been a sea Captain’s house. Certainly, the upper floors, used as storage, had at one time been very grand with the original stair case, plasterwork coving, sash windows, fireplaces and wide-board oak flooring still in place although in a state of some disrepair.


  2. 147 High Street was formerly St. John’s House, the road next to it was St John’s Road (later became wellington St).
    It was sold by auction in 1898 (16th June) and some of the details given were:
    – currently occupied by Mrs Watson.
    – spacious garden with a range of greenhouses (heated), stables, poultry yard and coach house
    – basement with excellent cellar, coal cellar
    – ground floor with entrance from High St, ornamental tiled lobby, dining room, morning room
    school room, kitchen with extensive range, butlers pantry, 2nd kitchen,
    stairs to servants quarters, wide staircase to 1st floor
    – 1st floor with spacious drawing room, 3 bedrooms, back landing leading to 3 bedrooms,
    bathroom, w.c., housemaid’s room, workroom.
    – 2nd floor with 6 bedrooms
    The auction lot also included No.s 5,6,7,8,9 Albert Road, (situated directly behind the St. John’s House garden), mostly already occupied.

    Quite a property in it’s day, with the only remaining visible sign of it’s grandeur being the column & cornice details on the front. This may of been the point at which it became a commercial property? (occupiers including: J Jones, John Collier, Burtons, Enterprise Arcade) .


  3. Dead Bodies – For the lady who is always looking for dead bodies and things that go bump in the night, all over the borough there are buildings that once were Children’s Homes, like the one in Hartington Road. Try Kiora Hall for ghosts and goolies, never was a Children’s Home but I have seen things there in the past, especially at dusk on a Sunday, who knows you might get lucky. Roy.


  4. Prior to being John Collier”s store I remember it as “Jones” a quite exclusive ladies fashion store. My mother won three hundred pounds, a fortune in 1950, and she bought me a Hebe Sports suit, the one and only time I was ever in the store. I believe that the building next door was the home of a C of E vicar, see the Stockton Tour, I”m sure it”s mentioned there.


  5. can anyone tell if they know of any history on this building i.e date back before 1983 before it was any type of shop. i have heard it could of been a childrens home and that some children may have died and that some of them still walk around the building at night.


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