7 thoughts on “The ATC 1261 Squadron

  1. I was also a member of the San till 1974 I remember most of the people I am in the Canberra photo back row third from the right after I left I joined the RAF and completed 23yrs worked on the vulcans scampton 617sqn lightnings binbrook red arrows scampton Canberra’s Wyton and sentryAWAC at Washington also tour of N Ireland Brian Mussard and Pete Rountree were great leaders and inspiring I also remember Julian Nutting was good freind I think he lived in Oxbridge in those days


    • Hi Steve… Just revisiting the site to see what’s new. I remember like you most people. Would be good to meet up with them again. I’m working oversea’s right now as an Air Traffic Controller in the UAE near to Dubai. Prior to that I was at Teesside Airport doing the same for 30yrs. The years are quickly passing by and the big 60 is only some 27 months away…..Eeeek

      Nice to see John Walsh & Tom Bennington posting a few words.



  2. If the Canberra picture I remember, I should have been in it. If it is the one I remember, I may have a crooked beret and a red mark on my forhead – on one of the annual camps we were playing cricket and I got very close to the ball – smacked on the bonce at close range. I now know why the position I was in was “silly mid on!”.


  3. I am on both pictures and confirm that the Canberra picture was taken at an Annual camp at RAF Cottesmore in about 1974. I am on the back row 3rd from the left, next but one to Peter Rountree. The Wessex photo is from maybe 1970, at I think RAF Swinderby (guessing) and I am on the back row 1st on the left… Oh happy memories. I left the ATC in 1978 as a Cadaet Warrant Officer and have since that time been working as an Air Traffic Control Officer at first in the UK, and now in the United Arab Emirates, formally called The Persian Gulf since 2007.


  4. A history of this preserved Canberra is on the net, search WH791, along with a photo of it at Cottesmore (Rutland) from a different angle, but the garden the aircraft resides in looks the same as the above.


  5. Canberra PR.7 serial WH791, above, was the gate guardian at RAF Cottesmore from 1972, after store at RAF St Athan. It is now preserved at Newark Air Museum.


  6. I submitted these photos on behalf of Peter Rowntree. Because the squadron made so many visits to various locations over the years, Peter is unable to specify the one on these particular pictures. Peter, along with Brian Mussard, are the Warrant Officers on both photographs, John Pollock being one of the Commanding Officers.


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