6 thoughts on “Norton Road 1982

  1. Details of this Martins Banks branch can be seen here:

    …and the Lucindas sign is still up! it appears to be stuck in a time warp, the old night safe opening is still there, wonder what it’s like inside?

    I’ve thought it odd that the building in that position has never been brought back into use?
    (Though its nice that it’s not become another fast food place)


    • That website is great, could spend hours looking at it – love the mobile banks and the drive thru’s!

      I always wonder who owns the building every time I go past – and I’m always reminded of the advert for Lucinda’s which used to be shown at the Classic before the film came on!

      Maybe someone will open it again when/if the Globe is up and running….


  2. In the late 50″s, early 60″s what is pictured here as Corals bookmakers was a shoe shop (end shop on King Street) and a bakers – Merediths I think. The building next door was a bank. When I was around 7 or 8 I desperately wanted some yellow plastic sandals from this shoe shop and pestered my grandmother, who lived round the corner in Starkey Street, until she bought them. Think they cost around 15/- (75p)! Big bucks those days!


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