3 thoughts on “St Bedes Swimming Team 1967/8

  1. Peter Conner lived in Ilford Road, Hardwick at the time this picture was taken, he used to be a regular in the Green Bushes in the late 70’s.


  2. In this year (1967/8) the school had a clean sweep of all the swimming trophies available in Stockton. The picture would go well with the recent picture posted of Bill Harburn (t7947) as the team won the Snowdon Cup that year and I won the Greenwood Shield and Atkinson Trophy – two of these trophies were mentioned with the picture of Bill Harburn. Names left to right: Paul O’Connor, Peter Chisholm, Jimmy Nugent, Peter Conner, Bobby Hora, Kevin Church, Mick Hobday, ??, Gordon Jennings, Ray Mallon (now Mayor of Middlesbrough), ??.


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